UK Camera Fairs

Uncover Photographic Treasures: Explore Camera Fairs Across the UK

Embark on a captivating journey through the world of photography by visiting a camera fair. These events are not just exhibitions; they are treasure troves of hidden gems, waiting to be discovered by enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone with a keen eye for photographic excellence.

Join us at one of the upcoming camera fairs in the UK, where every corner holds the potential for discovery. Uncover hidden gems that tell stories, capture moments, and inspire your photographic creativity. Let's explore the rich tapestry of photography together at these exciting events.

Keep an eye out for camera fairs we will be attending in the upcoming months!

Upcoming Camera Fairs

WE'LL BE AT Wolverhampton ON THE 8TH DECEMBER 2024

For more information visit -

Wolverhampton Camera Fair

Wolverhampton Racecourse is host to four camera fairs across the year. For dates and more information visit -

Photographica London

Photographica is the United Kingdom’s largest photographic collectors fair and is organized by The Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain. For more information visit -